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By Maria Velve

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The holidays are here! During this busy, stressful and indulgent time of year, it’s always a good reminder to take some time to take care of yourself.  I have several suggestions on my Green Beauty Expert blog on how to take care of your skin now that the weather has gotten cooler, and I could remind you that you are what you eat and that it’ll show on your skin.  However, I also know that it’s hard to cut back on anything this time of year because most of us celebrate by getting together with our loved ones and eating, eating and eating some more! Then comes the wine and eggnog.  So, here are 5 ways to give your skin a break this holiday season without cutting back on the indulgences you love.

1) Take some time to relax

Relax in any way that suits you.  Go for a massage. Get some acupuncture. Go and soak at Body Blitz. This is one of my favourite places to chill by soaking those sore muscles and sweating it out in the eucalyptus steam room.  All of these activities are fantastic for your skin and your overall psyche. According to Web MD, stress increases oil production which clogs pores leading to breakouts and acne.  Other skin conditions like eczema to rosacea are exacerbated by stress and other emotional factors, so take some time to chill out whenever you can. Giving yourself a break this holiday also gives your skin a break.

2) Let your skin breathe

Since you won’t be going to work for a few days, it’s time to cut back on the foundation, powder and sunscreen. Unless you’re planning on being outdoors walking for longer than 10 minutes you really don’t need sunscreen.  Cover up with a toque and some sunglasses and you’re good to go.   Let your skin be bare from heavy creams and other skincare.  Preservatives and heavy oils in skincare and makeup can clog pores and lead to the breakouts you’re trying to cover up.  Even if you wash your face, it’s still leaving behind residue.  To ensure a clean face, wash with a light cleanser and remove with a warm face cloth.  Follow with a hydrosol (flower water) on a cotton pad to ensure you’ve removed any makeup and residue the cleanser left behind.  Do not follow with a cream; just let your skin be bare.

3) Drink lots of water

I know that there might be some festive drinking in your agenda for the next two weeks, but try to squeeze in your allotment of water. Take your weight and divide it by two and that’s how much you should be drinking in ounces.  For example, if you’re 120lbs ÷ 2 = 60 which means you should be drinking about 60 oz of water per day or as close to that as you can.  Water intake is the best way to hydrate your skin and allows your skin to breathe since the water you consume aids in the amount of oxygen you gain in your body.

4)  Get some fresh air

Take advantage of your time off during the holidays and go for a walk with a friend or your family since our busy lives usually don’t leave much time for getting outdoors during the busy work week.  I walk to my kids’ school for drop off and pick up and it seems that’s all the outdoor time I can fit into my schedule.  Find a green space if you’re lucky to have that close to you and get out there.   We hear a lot of negative information about the sun and its damaging effects on our skin.  However, according to an article published by Harvard Medical School, short doses of sunlight on your skin can be very therapeutic.  The dose and timing matters, so choose a sunny morning and give yourself 15 minutes where you let your skin take in some of that vitamin D.  It’s also perfect for curing those winter time blues.

5) Book a facial

Nothing will get those extractions done like the fingers of your aesthetician, so schedule a facial this holiday. On average, I get two done a year; I wish I could do them more often but that’s not my reality. Even two times a year can do great things for your skin especially if your skin is visibly congested and your pores clogged from accumulated pollution and dead skin.  A good exfoliation and massage by the hands of your aesthetician can lead to increased circulation and skin cell turnover.  Your skin will instantly glow!

There you have it.  A few little tips that will benefit your skin and soul. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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