Graydon Skincare Face Food Mineral Mist


This super hydrating mist acts as a redness corrector and is also the ultimate way to get the most out of your favourite serum, facial oil or moisturizer as it helps your skin to absorb vital nutrients much more effectively and efficiently. Face Food Mineral Mist will help lock in moisture and create a weightless, invisible protective barrier against free radicals and environmental pollution while awakening your skin. 

- 100 ml

Active Ingredients:

REDUCE inflammation and acne related scars with silver
BALANCE your complexion with redness-reducing magnesium
REJUVENATE skin with collagen enhancing copper
CLEAR your skin with oil regulating and anti-bacterial properties of zinc
PROTECT your face from environmental pollution and oxidative stress with semi-precious gemstone malachite

      Pro Tips: There are so many uses for this lovely mineral mist! 

      *Daily: Spritz directly onto freshly cleansed face. For extra absorption and hydration, mist after you apply your favourite Graydon moisturizer, oil or serum.

      *As a Toner: Dampen a cotton pad and spread across your face. 

      *With a Beauty Blender: If you use a sponge to apply your foundation then spritz your beauty sponge with Face Food instead of using harsh tap water. It's so much better for your skin!

      *With Your Foundation: If you have foundation that is too thick then spritz some Face Food on your foundation brush on directly on top of your foundation in your hand to help sheer it out creating a gorgeous ideal consistency. 

      *Pop It In The Fridge: Sweaty after the gym or it's hot outside? Spritz Face Food that's been cooled to refresh and hydrate your skin.

      *For Men: Use daily as an after shave to help kill germs that cause acne and ingrown hairs. And its alcohol free so it won't sting after you shave your face!

      *Please note that our 240ml bottle is a refill size and does not come with a misting nozzle, it should be used as a refill your 100ml size.

      Full Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Magnesium ChlorideCopperSilverZinc ChlorideMalachite Extract,  Phenethyl Alcohol, Pentylene Glycol, PropanediolTriethyl CitrateVanilla Planifolia Fruit ExtractMentha Piperita (Peppermint) ExtractLimonene