Helena Lane Rose Geranium & Chamomile Flower Water


For all skin types. Especially beneficial for super sensitive, reactive, dehydrated and mature skin as well as oily and blemished skin.

An incredibly gentle synergistic blend of two distilled plants to soothe and restore health in even the most sensitive of skins. Flower waters have two purposes in skin care, they can be mixed with oils (moisturizers or oil serums) providing valuable hydration for the skin, and they can be used as a gentle cleanser.

- 120 ml

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Rose Geranium hydrosol cools and soothes red, inflamed or irritated skin
  • German Chamomile is one of the most anti-inflammatory and skin calming herbs used by herbalists and skin care experts.
  • Hydrates the surface layers of the skin aid in nutrient transportation, waste product elimination and cell communication – all vital for healthy, great looking skin
  • Anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal to help fight skin infections
  • pH balancing to help protect and maintain our skin’s natural barrier, the acid mantle

    Doesn’t Witch Hazel dry the skin out?

    No! This amazing plant has such a bad reputation. Witch Hazel does contain tannins which cause it to be astringent, but this tightens pores locking moisture in, not drying it out. Astringents also cause blood vessels to shrink back from the skin’s surface reducing redness and inflammation. Try using Witch Hazel on dry, itchy skin conditions for instant cooling relief.

    Maria's Pro Tip: Using a flower water is my favourite way to quickly cleanse my skin in the morning.  Mist your face with a generous amount of flower water and then use a reusable cotton facial pad to remove evening skin care from your skin. Follow with your serum or moisturizer. 

    Flower waters are also great for thinning down serum or moisturizer on those days that they feel too rich.  You can also lightly mist your face to set your makeup in place and give a dewy glow.  


    *Certified Organic

    Rose Geranium hydrosol*

    German Chamomile hydrosol*